Still have time for Thanksgiving cards be sure to order Christmas Cards

November 9, 2011

A great way to stand out from your competition is to send a thanksgiving day card!  Thank your customers for patroning your business and provide some sort of Preferred customer special.  You will stand out and won’t be lost among the other Christmas Cards.

At JustUs Advertising we offer Thanks Giving and Christmas cards to fit your budget and unique business.  We have cards you can pick from or we can custom design a card specifically for you.  We offer cards that you can mail yourself or we can simplify the system and send them out for you.

For more information and specific pricing call 360-326-8896.


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Dental postcards

chiropractic postcards

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Top Marketing working in 2011

April 4, 2011

Due to the growth and acceptance of Chiropractic care, there are more practitioners in this field than ever before. Where there once was only one chiropractor in a city, there now may be dozens. This underlies or even amplifies the importance of a strategic chiropractic marketing plan. There is increased demand for your skills these days, but there is also increased competition.

So if you want your practice to thrive in the modern economy, you need to implement an strategic plan.

Of course, this is where many in the chiropractors hit a roadblock. You are a skilled trained health professional, but you’re not marketing experts. You are probably not sure how to start, what to do or even where to spend your marketing dollars.  If this describes you (that is okay, it describes more than 70% of chiropractors), then you should find the following list of chiropractic marketing strategies helpful.

Marketing Strategies for the Modern Chiropractor

SEO Chiropractic Marketing

March 25, 2011

Its no Secret… You want to be #1 on Google Search Engines!

The secret is how to get to the first page and #1 organic position and for the right key words.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of making your web site search engine friendly with the result of increasing the rank of which your site is found during specific key word searches. At JustUs Chiropractic Marketing we are experts in Chiropractic SEO and know what it takes to make your web site produce more new patients. We talk to Chiropractic offices daily who have a variety of problems with their web sites and SEO Placement. Here are the most common issues:

·         Paying for SEO through template Chiro web company. This is a problem for many chiropractic offices. The main issue is that you really are not getting true effective SEO even through you are paying for it. You have a template web site and template SEO. The web company isn’t going to make your site stand out among their other chiropractic clients who may even be in the same town.

·         Docs that may think their placement on Google is ok, yet admit they don’t receive many leads from Google. You need to have high placement on Google for the key words that prospective new patients actually search for. Just having your practice name high on Google searches is not effective. There are specific key words you need to be #1 for in your area. We conduct key word research to find out what key words people search for in your area and optimize for those specific key words.

·         Good placement with the right key words, but still not many new patients from Google or other search engines. This is a common problem. The problem is your web site doesn’t have the right components to turn clicks into new patients. There are specific elements you need to have and the right layout on your site to convert clicks to new patients. To put the problem in a different scenario, it is like sending out 10,000 postcards to attract new patients, but having a funky falling apart office, not answering the phone, and so on. First you need your site to be ready for new patients then your optimization will be more effective

·         Why do I need SEO? Your customers don’t look in the phone book anymore. Now they go to Google from their smart phones or computer. If your site isn’t on the ­first page of Google then you are losing money! Did you know: 50% of all searches click on the #1 organic listing of Google, while the other 50% of clicks are dispersed among the other listing on the ­first page. The question is how do you beat out all your competition to be on the

Dental Postcard From JustUs Dental Marketing

February 18, 2011

Here is are 2 new postcards designed by JustUs Advertising, for Dental Marketing and Chiropractic Marketing.  Postcards are working better now than they have in the past 18 months!  Think about all the big companies you get postcards from, ING Direct, Google, Bed Bath & Beyond, Mortgage Companies, Clothing manufacturers, Suppliers, labs, and many more.  They send postcards because postcards work!  You should too!

We have turnkey postcard campaigns for Dentists and Chiropractors. Very affordable, covered by our 100% money back guarantee, requires zero of your time, and they actually work.

The key to successful postcard campaigns is reaching the right demographic with the right frequency (enough times).  Our most successful clients send out postcards every single month.  By the 3rd month you can really see the profits start to roll in. 

Send out 1000 postcards starting at only 26 cents each! 

Call JustUs Advertising and Dental Marketing for questions and to see additional samples, call today.  360-326-8896

Dental Postcards

Dental Marketing

Chiropractic Postcards

Chiropractic Marketing

Finally.The Secret to Constant New Patients Revealed.

February 2, 2011

Finally…The Secret to Constant New Patients Revealed…

“65 new patients who accepted treatment plans, in the first 60 days using the Referral Booster!” –Dr. Alexander

Receive 10-20 quality new patients per month by using a proven & effective tool that costs less than you spend on gas each month!  You have nothing to lose and new patients to gain, because you’re covered by a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Thursday 7:04 am

Vancouver, Washington

Dear Doctor,

In the current slow economic yet technologically advanced times, it has never been more challenging for a practice to effectively market and grow.  The days are gone when you could place an ad in the phone book, put an ad in the newspaper, or just have a website and be assured a thriving practice.  Unfortunately, when you went to school they didn’t teach you how to effectively market your practice.  Yet you or your staff are stuck trying to strategize, create, implement, and manage your marketing without any guarantee it’s going to produce a positive return. You’re time and Money are too valuable to be wasted! Spend it doing what you do best and make the most money at….treating patients. So, what to do about your marketing? Read on.

Effective marketing should achieve a Return On Investment, (ROI), of at least $10 back for every $1 you invest.  Your focus should be on achieving the highest ROI rather than spending the least amount of money!  Marketing is an investment, not an expense!  Don’t spend money on marketing just because it’s affordable.  Instead, invest in what produces and is guaranteed!

Over the past eight years, I’ve created, modified, restructured, and continually improved on marketing programs that produce extremely high ROI, including postcards, SEO, Social media, Internal Marketing, and more. Every marketing campaign I offer is backed by a 100% money back guarantee. The Referral Booster stands out among all campaigns I offer because it averages a 46-to-1 ROI.  That translates to $46 back for every $1 invested.  The Referral Booster is simple to implement, is very affordable, produces amazing results, and comes with a 100% Money Back Guarantee!

With the Referral Booster you’ll have an immediate increase in new patients who actually accept your treatment plans, show up for appointments, and continue to refer. For only $188/month you can employ this complete marketing program which includes custom design, printing, shipping, strategy, coaching for you and your staff.  The Referral Booster is so affordable that even if you tried to implement it on your own it would cost you more money and time than if you just used our proven & turnkey campaign.

I’ve made and lost a lot of money over the years.  What I’ve learned is to invest in what produces a higher return on investment and is guaranteed. The Referral Booster produces new patients for all practices, brand new or seasoned.

What’s the catch?  Yes there is a catch!  Not all practices get to use the Referral Booster.  I only allow practices meeting particular requirements to implement the Referral Booster.  These prerequisites include providing quality patient care, friendly staff, comfortable office, implementing new patient tracking, and ready to take on 10+ new pts/month.  If this is you, apply today!

Call 360-326-8896, fax 360-539-1868 or email to schedule a FREE consultation to determine if the Referral Booster or another campaign is right for your practice.  WARNING:  Due to our capacity restraints, we can only accept 25 new practices.  Be sure to contact my office right away! I look forward to speaking with you and helping you grow your practice! 


John Prepula

President and CEO

JustUs Advertising

P.S.  The FIRST 5 practices accepted will receive $50 off their first campaign month. Schedule your consultation today.

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Chiropractic Postcards

John Prepula

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February Marketing Campaign | Valentine’s Day | Chiropractic Postcard Marketing | Dental Postcard Marketing

January 28, 2011

February Marketing Campaign | Valentine’s Day | Chiropractic Postcard Marketing | Dental Postcard Marketing

January 28, 2011

February is just around that corner and that mean huge opportunity to market to your existing patients for Valentine’s day!  The quickest way to grow your practice is NOT by marketing to new patients, but to reactivate past patients, increase patient retention, and increase referrals.  You will notice over a 10-to-1 ROI by maintaining contact with your patients, providing and incentive to refer, and giving them an offer to return to the practice or a “Preferred Patient” special. 

At JustUs we are obsessed with providing our dental and chiropractic clients HUGE returns on their marketing investment.  We have perfected the messaging for postcards, referral programs, patient communication, and even SEO.  Below you can view a sample of a chiropractic marketing piece that performs remarkably well.  We can customize this chiropractic postcard for your practice or if you are a dentist call as we have a large array of dental marketing tools in particular dental postcards to send to your active patients, inactive patients, or to attract new patients. 

You are probably saying to yourself, “yea, sounds like a good idea, but I don’t have a lot of money, and I bet I could do this on my own for cheaper.”   Here is the deal…. It is a great practice to always be in contact with your entire patient list at least quarterly.  If you don’t have the money it’s because you aren’t marketing  and you won’t ever have the money until you invest in getting and keeping patients in your practice.  Marketing is like anything else, you can always get cheaper.  You can get a cheap dentist or chiropractor or a cheap meal as well.  But you get what you pay for 99.9% of the time.  In marketing when you go cheap, you don’t get results, but instead waste your money.  Here at JustUs we perfect our dental and chiropractic marketing.  Prior to allowing a piece to be implemented we test it and it has to produce at least a 10-to-1 ROI.    PLUS we provide our clients a 100% money back guarantee!  EVEN ON POSTCARDS!  No other marketing company will provide that offer.  Best of all, we are very competitively priced.  Even large postcard companies that work with all sorts of industries but won’t customize your cards are much more expensive than JustUs. 

Give a call today for guaranteed results, expertise, and great pricing.  You have nothing to lose and money in your pocket to gain!


John Prepula,


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Chiropractic Postcards

John Prepula

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